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Electrical Accidents

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Those who have suffered serious injuries or even death due to electrical accidents from broken high voltage power lines can file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a number of government agencies. This is because these accidents are often preventable, and generally they are caused by poor maintenance or defective repairs. It is common for construction workers to be victims of electrocution, but anyone can be injured by electric shocks from falling power lines. It is therefore important for everyone to understand how to proceed should they consider suing a government agency following serious injuries or death of a loved one.

Initially, it is the power companies’ responsibility to inspect, maintain, and protect the power lines from causing accidents. If these power lines caused victims serious injuries, it is important to hire personal injury lawyers to help with gathering evidence and have legal representation in court. Aside from power companies, other parties that can be sued are electrical engineers, construction companies, building code inspectors, and government agencies. According to the website of Houston lawyer Ali Mokaram, government agencies generally have immunity from lawsuits, but sometimes they allow themselves to go to court.

In order to have a successful personal injury lawsuit against a government agency, an experienced lawyer should be present to guide you along the legal process. These types of cases are unique in itself and can come with intricate legal disputes. Aside from shorter statute of limitations, government agencies only allow lawsuits against them under specific restrictions, such as the municipality having purchased insurance meant for such lawsuits or if the accident was due to gross negligence. Despite varying rules between states regarding circumstances under which a victim can sue the government agency, but the rules within the state generally don’t vary. As with personal injury claims, evidence of negligence or recklessness, along with other proof such as police and witness reports, photographs, and victim’s testimony can give more weight to the lawsuit and ensure the success of the claim.

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