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Choosing the Perfect Pet Servicing Facility for Your Dog

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Pets | 0 comments

Without any form of exercise, a pooch made to bask in inactivity can quickly become bored, overweight and even develop behavior problems, like destructive behavior (destructive digging, chewing, or scratching), attention-seeking behavior (continuous barking and whining) and/or unruliness (jumping on people or knocking down things) due to unused energy.

Even dogs need their daily dose of exercise, and one of the best ways to do it is through walking (besides running and playing). One big problem, however, is a lot of dog owners do not have the time to take their pet out for a walk due to work and other restricting schedules.

Where an owner lacks time, however, a pet care facility or provider can be relied upon. Pet servicing can help dog owners keep their pups in good shape.

As a dog owner who would entrust your pooch to a pet care facility, you owe it to your dog to find the facility that offers only the best kind of service. Like in walking your dog, for instance – you may not realize its importance, but a professional pet care provider would need basic information such as your dog’s age and your preferred types of activities for it. Because dog age and breeds differ, surely not the same activities or length of activities will have the same desired outcome for all pets. According to the website of Walk! ATX, this is why it is important to tailor activities according to a dog’s energy level. Otherwise, your dog may end up too exhausted or remain too excited for more jumps, walks, and runs.

Besides regular exercise, it is advisable that dogs are also given basic training wherein they’ll learn to perform the five basic instructions: stay, sit, down, come (for off-leash etiquette), and heel (for display of leash etiquette).

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