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Society should take care of its weakest

Posted by on Oct 29, 2017 in Assisted Living | 0 comments

It has often been said that a society can be judged by how it treats its weakest members. Unfortunately, by that score, our society is a poor one, since we treat our weakest members, our elderly, quite poorly.

While many cultures believe in an absolute respect for elders that goes beyond family limits and includes anyone above a certain age, ours has no such belief. Many cultures look to elders for wisdom, while ours looks only to young people and attractive people for their thoughts on what is happening in the world.

Even more condemning, in many cultures, the elderly fear for nothing because they know their children will take them in when the moment comes. In our culture, the elderly are constantly anxious about the future because they do not know where they will end up. It may be they do end up with children, at least for a time, but it is as least just as likely that they will be pushed off on nursing homes at some point, and if their children are in no mood (or don’t have the means) to pay for a decent home with decent standards of living, they may end in a truly shockingly bad place to finish their otherwise dignified lives.

This is not how we should be as a society. We should not push people to spend so much of their lives contemplating plans for their future elderly care because they can’t be sure anyone will be there to take care of them otherwise.

We could learn a great deal from other societies where the elderly are respected and cared for out of a sense of duty for all that they have done before. Remember, many of today’s elderly were parts of the greatest generation, the ones who fought in the Second World War and freed the world from tyranny.

Others, who may have humbler stories, were the ones to build up the great American economy to give us all that we have enjoyed ever since.

These are people who deserve to spend their final years in comfort, in homes they know, with the people they have raised and taken care of. They now deserve to be taken care of as well.

It is simply inexcusable that our society pushes off the obligations on nursing homes and retirement homes simply because the children of these dear people are too self-absorbed to take care of their parents.

It may not seem like it now, but our culture has lost something by making this devil’s bargain. Even if we convince every person to look into elderly care and to prepare for their eventual final years, we would still be lesser for having required that of others and ourselves. Our society is one of wealth and bounty. There’s no reason why poorer cultures can take care of their elderly and yet we seemingly cannot.

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Why Consider Assisted Living

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Assisted Living | 0 comments

Assisted living is a living arrangement involving long-term care for those who are in need of personal care support for services such as medication, personal hygiene, transportation, and every day activities. It is a relatively new concept but is a growing option for elder care because of the range of services that provide elders with assistance but still give them their independence. The choice to put an elder adult to an assisted living can be both emotionally and financially complicated, but it is still important to be assured that your loved ones is safe and well taken care of.

There are some things that can point out whether you should consider assisted living or not, depending on personal reasons. Among the red flags that you should look out for is recent accidents that lead to a slow recovery or worsening of conditions. Accidents are common, but the odds of those are higher in older people, and due to their old age they might take longer to recover. Even a small bout of flu or cold can be dangerous if left untreated, and complications make the health decline quickly. Likewise, it may make every day activities difficult to manage and affect their skills that would enable them to live independently. Lots of clutter and poor housekeeping may indicate that the person is not keeping up with their daily chores or are forgetting to do them. Dents and scratches on their car are just simple signs that show that they are driving carelessly. If their pets and plants, or any hobbies are left unattended may reflect lack of self-care.

If you detect that your elder loved ones are having physical, emotional, and mental difficulties managing their responsibilities then it might be time to consider assisted living. Various research have also proven that loneliness and depression has a great impact on the health and well being of an older adult, and moving them to an assisted facility may ease the burden and get them to be with people in the same situation. This ensures that their health and well being as ensured and protected.

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